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Thanks for joining me! I will be sharing  all the Zimbabwean Hip Hop music that you should be hearing on radio. This blog has no boundaries. If your’e in Zimbabwe and are making good music, I will use this platform to share it to the world.

For those of you that are tired of hearing the same old Zimbabwean artists, not to take away anything from them, (they are phenomenal but this is not about them) and are looking for some new sound, the Real Zim Hip Hop Review is here to serve. There’s so much talent in our country and it’s sad that the kids aren’t getting enough platforms for wider reach.

Any form of Hip Hop will be reviewed on this site, from the Boom Bap to Trap, as long as there’s Zimbabwean blood in that bass and melody we will bump to it. For submissions do not hesitate to contact and I will gladly share.

Looking forward to a pleasant artistic journey with you. Zim Hip Hop to the world!!




Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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Ladies and gentlemen, you’re not ready for this one. I suggest you plunge yourself into an iced water tub because the Golden Child brings nothing short of heat. The Bulawayo boy, currently based in South Africa is a hip hop artist making waves and getting a lot of traction.

He has been interviewed and has performed at South Africa’s leading urban music television shows such as Live Amp for the bubbling under competition . He’s dropped a song with J flo, Snakes in the trees  where he graciously murdered the hook which earned him the well deserved name ‘hook god’.

He recently dropped visuals for his banging track titled Flashin just 3 months before he dropped another music video for his track titled like to party. My personal favourites that get me each time are For the nigh and Stripes Too much talent for one man.His latest single is titled Vibes don’t end

Yung Tyran puts in the work. He is dedicated to his craft and it’s only a matter of time until he blows up. Don’t sleep on this Zimbabwean gem. He has a whole lot more tracks that you can find on the following platforms:





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Tafara Dondo, also known as Union5 is a Zimbabwean HipHop artist. I started following his music a few months after he dropped his fire track called ‘I mean it’ 

From that day, I knew Zim Hiphop future was in the right hands. When he’s not killing beats in the booth he is making them. The multi-talented Union5 recently dropped his EP titled HYPE. I had a hard time picking a favourite. Based on his social media reviews, his banger titled ‘Hona Magetsi’ was the most popular.

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